For a lot of people, talking about or sharing our sexual interests can be intimidating or downright scary

We want everyone to be able to overcome those fears, to open up, and to feel comfortable talking to their partners.
That's what we mean when we say Own Your Sex! We fully believe that everyone deserves to experience an amazing sex life

Whether you don't know how to begin the conversation or whether you and your partner are seasoned freaks between the sheets, we hope that this app will
help you discover and experience new and exciting things!


On separate phones (or tablets), answer questions from multiple categories with your partner and view only the questions you both said 'yes' to

And yes, we are LGBTQ friendly. No matter your gender or sexual preference, our app is for you!


Randomly generate 'commands' from your pool of matches to help give you a push to try new things with your partner, rediscover things you forgot you enjoyed, or to simply spice up your sex life


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